ROLE: Mechanical Fitter
COMPANY: Manufacturing Company
Mechanical fitter is responsible for constructing and assembling mechanical systems and components, which could be machines or piping that is used to transport the chemicals that are involved in manufacturing processes.
• He is also responsible for assembling structural form and carrying out several day-to-day activities, including creating and reading blueprints and utilizing welding skills in the construction of various structural components according to the blueprints.
• They have to be an expert in the regulation codes to self-inspect their work and ensure that everything is up to standards.
• It is also essential that a mechanical fitter create and implement maintenance procedures and schedules for all the systems under his control, which may be by keeping an organized maintenance log.
Job Description
 Working with the use of workshop equipment such as milling machines and lathes
 Setting up and adjusting machine tools and equipment
 Constructing and assembling mechanical systems
 Carrying out the construction of structural components according to the plan on blueprints
 Examining structural systems with attention to local and state building codes
 Overseeing structural systems and ensuring that they are maintained regularly.
Minimum Qualification :  HND (Associate Engineer Mechanical & Electrical)
Candidate should have minimum 5-8 years work experience.
Interested and qualified candidates should send CVs to with Job title as Subject

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