Our client, a financial institution needs to hire candidates for the following roles;

A) Learning & Development Specialist
Job Summary
– The Learning & Development Specialist provides/equips staff with the knowledge, practical skills and motivation for job effectiveness with regards to Human Capital Development Plan, Programs and Policies.
– The L & D specialist will have to identify and anticipate knowledge gaps and manage the process of filling the gaps creatively.
– The L& D Specialist will have to handle the learning and professional development of the workforce.
Years of experience- 5-7

B) Product Manager
Industry – Financial Institution
Determines the process for creating a new financial product.
– Analyze business requirements and prepare documents for process flows.
– Performs research in order to determine the best way to create a new product.
– Creates a prototype of a new product in order to iron out flaws in the final design.
– Presents new ideas to corporate executives in order to gain permission to develop product lines.
Years of experience – 5-7

C) Performance Manager
Industry – Financial Institution
Job summary
– Develop and manage performance tools, processes, and programs
– Translate company goals to individual goals and align efforts and outcomes
– Clearly communicate what success looks like for each part of the organization
– Determine appropriate feedback systems for performance planning
– Design and evaluate performance appraisal and tracking systems

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