Out client, a reputable Christian Montessori school, is seeking to hire a Montessori Directress who will be responsible for directing students activities academically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically that challenges each child to reach his/her fullest potential.

• Develop lesson plans and manage the learning experiences for students to ensure the needs are met.
• Assist students toward self-directed learning and normalization.
• Coordinate curriculum implementation with the Specialty Teachers.
• Maintain an on-going dialogue between Specialty Teachers, the Bridge Team and Montessori Teachers.
• Protect the privacy and confidentiality of each student of the class.
• Submit academic records and other records during the year as requested by the Learning Director
• Prepare written student evaluations of each child’s academic development and social behavior at the end of each term and at other times as required.
• Hold formal conferences yearly with parents concerning the child’s progress and specific needs, communicate regularly with parents as regard to their child’s specific needs.
• Accept responsibility (along with the Assistant) for the safety and physical well-being of the children under his/her supervision. The children are never to be left alone.
• Consult with other teachers for curriculum ideas, sharing materials, and scheduling common activities
• Notify the Learning Director immediately of personal difficulties with children, parents or staff.
• Establish positive relationship with parents of the students..

• Must hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or a post-graduate degree in Education from an accredited college or university.
• Need to be registered with the Teacher’s Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)
• Demonstrate ability to teach students well at the specified grade level.
• Demonstrate a proficient level of computer literacy.
• Minimum of 2 years working experience in this field.
• Knowledge of Montessori philosophy and methods of instruction.
• Knowledge of child growth/development and child behavior
• Knowledge of health and safety regulations.
• Great interest in education and working with children


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