Community Social Platform Manager -eCommerce

1. Online group system construction: participate in the establishment of group system, group positioning and sorting, group KOL and member formation, and group carrier establishment;

2. Daily operation and maintenance of online groups: Daily operation and maintenance, through planning various activities and contents, to enhance the activity and stickiness of community group members and cultivate key members of the community;

3; Analysis of community group operation data: Through analysis, processing and optimization of group data and member feedback information, the group operation efficiency is improved, and the changes of group channel flow, GMV, users and other related indicators are monitored;

4. Promote KPI; of traffic, users and sales through effective community group marketing;

1. College degree or above, practical experience in social platform Group operation and drainage, online activity organization operation and drainage, familiar with group fission.

2. Have a better understanding of mainstream social software and social platforms, be good at the path and method of community fission, be familiar with the powder absorption rules of mainstream social platforms, and be familiar with community operations such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram first;

3. have good communication skills and creativity, have strong language expression ability and keen activity planning and execution ability, good at creating topics and planning community activities, and guide users to participate in interaction, strong execution ability.

4. Experience in e-commerce group operation and social e-commerce expansion is preferred;
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