Edie and Amy Co, a nonprofit organisation focused on maternal health, maternal online media and products and executes public health initiatives in partnership with nonprofits, NGOs, Christian organizations and government agencies to provide support and mother care products to the African community.

Position: Executive Director, Maternal Health
Location: Lagos

SUMMARY: Reporting to the Board, the Executive Director provides support, design and coordinates all administrative, outreach and operational aspects for Edie & Amy including training, support groups, maternal initiatives and Outreaches. Edie & Amy is expanding its program and operations to focus more on educating and imparting our target audience while physically involved in Outreaches and Training.

The Executive Director will be responsible for the day to day operations of the organization leading and building it to reaching the set out goals.

Outreach Coordination:
Coordinate all outreach specific details; including applications, logistics, partnerships and reporting.

Ensure production, completion and distribution of all content both Online and Offline by overseeing the content team and ensuring the digital channels are leveraged to achieve the objectives of the organization.

Implement evaluation follow-up protocols including participant evaluation reports for pre and post outreach

Coordinate all Operational activities of Edie & Amy building out new initiatives and programs leading to achieving the objectives of the organization

Being a company with strong digital presence, the Executive will coordinate the online activities leading to achieving the objectives and vision of the organization

Participate in all staff meetings and other relevant planning meetings including Board meetings while reporting to the Board.

Work with all staff including Partners and contract staff providing supervision and guidance

Fiscal Reporting:
Track all financial transactions
File expense reports and cash advances

A medical doctor with maternal expertise and at least 3 years experience in Maternal Health and Management.
Must be VERY PASSIONATE about Maternal Health
Demonstrate exceptional Managerial and Leadership Skills
Superior verbal and writing skills, high attention to detail and follow-up, exceptional organizational skills
Exceptional relationship-building and customer service skills
Experience with successful event planning
Demonstrated skill and knowledge of Digital/Online Content
Must be passionate about partnering with other organizations including Churches to advance Maternal Health and Well Being.
Exceptional skill in social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Exhibits high degree of cultural competency and sensitivity
An exceptional work ethic, creative problem solving skills, a track record of personal initiative and resourcefulness required.
Superior ability to multi-task and work Remotely while achieving objectives of the organization

Qualified candidates should send their resume to

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