Job Title: Business Analyst 
Job Purpose: To work closely within the Strategy team and business units to gain in-depth understanding of business strategy, processes, services, roadmap and the context in which the business operates. This role would involve the review of business processes to identify and address operational, financial and technological risks whilst taking advantage of opportunities to improve efficiency and business performance.


•Research: Conduct research in order to gather and provide information on operational issues that may be existent within the business’s departments or projects.

•Analysis: Analyze the business for new and emerging requirements and the impact on existing operations and locations.

•Business writing: Utilize formal and informal written communication methods (including emails, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, executive updates, task lists, updates) to communicate updates and findings

•Project Management: Participate in projects by completing and updating project documentation and monitoring of project against goals.

•Business Improvement: Support the implementation of business solutions by building relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders; and identifying business needs.

•Performance Management: Monitor business progress and results whilst recognizing and capitalizing on improvement opportunities within the business.

•And any other duties assigned.


At least three (3) years work experience in management consulting or financial advisory services, with specific experiences in R&D, business improvement, organization design, performance and project management. 
Qualified and interested candidates should forward CVs to on or before August 14, 2020.

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